I am a visual artist, musician, programmer, and student of human behavior with many years of experience in crafting experiences and telling stories on behalf of brands, pitching and winning work, disrupting industries, and running the multidisciplinary teams necessary to do so successfully.

To put it another way: I possess a unique blend of talents that allows me to code art, tell stories, and train others to do the same. I couple those talents with a passion for business strategy; identifying and analyzing the frictions of people and markets, and inventing brilliant solutions to those frictions.

My career has been spent pushing the envelope of what is possible with regard to technology and psychology. I specialize in finding the right audience to hear a particular story, understanding how they frame the world, crafting the perfect product or message to excite them, and identifying and optimizing the correct touch points with which to engage.


Past Professional Experience

October 2016-Present

Co-Founder, Chief Creative & Experience Officer, BORN AI
Boston | New York | Los Angeles


April 2015-September 2016

SVP, Creative / Experience Design, DigitasLBi
Boston & Detroit Region


Aug 2014-March 2015

Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Startup Institute
Boston | Chicago | New York | London | Berlin

Responsible for taking an amazing, inchoate, idea for a next-gen educational institution, and helping to turn it into a real business.

My role was two-fold: in my marketing capacity, I conducted a complete overhaul of the brand ID and the creation of all-new collateral for our classrooms, as well as the creation of new marketing and advertorial strategies and executions, in five cities, across the globe; as a product designer, I was responsible for the digital extensions of our curriculum, and the end-to-end customer experience / service design.

For more details, please see the main SI post in my portfolio, here.


Sept 2013-July 2014

UXD/Marketing Consultant & TechStars Mentor
Boston, MA

In a nutshell: I enjoyed some time away from the agency world, relished in the first year of my daughter’s life, and helped passionate people make better business decisions, on the cheap.

Best year of my life. 🙂


Feb 2011-Aug 2013

SVP, Executive Creative Director, Isobar US (Boston)
Boston, MA

In my role as the ECD at Isobar (a.k.a. Roundarch Isobar), I was responsible for the overall development and quality of the Creative department for the North American headquarters of a global ad agency. During my time with the organization, Isobar employed over 3,500 people in 54 offices across 32 countries, and is still growing.

I was hired during Year One of Isobar’s expansion into North America; Boston was the beachhead, followed quickly by San Francisco. We were 150 people in Boston, 50 people in San Francisco. When I left Isobar in 2013, the organization boasted over 400 employees, with offices in Chicago, New York, Boston, and LA, with satellites in Denver and Atlanta.

In my three years with Isobar we grew from $35mm in annual revenue to over $100mm in annual revenue, with margins heading up nearly eight points in the same time frame. The credit of that accomplishment lies roughly in halves, with a portion going to those of us who came on board to launch the brand in the states, and the remainder being owed to strategic acquisitions.

I was able to install my own vision of what a modern creative department should be and how it should operate: from strategy, to creative, to technology. As a result, unlike most creative groups, mine includes the Visual Design, Copywriting, and Experience Design disciplines, with a very tight connection to front-end developers and technologists. This requires a very unique blend of skills from my role, and a new way of thinking about how creative teams are structured and the methodologies they employ to succeed. One of the most challenging, and rewarding, parts of my job was describing and teaching this way of operating to my cohorts and getting their buy-in on trying things a different way.

My job involved curating the staff, helping to drive the strategy and vision for all the work that came out of the agency, overseeing the payroll for the creative department and national creative staffing process, and working with the rest of the executive team to create new business opportunities and improve service for the jobs we’ve already won.

Additionally, I worked every day–side-by-side with my cohorts on the Sr. Leadership Team–to create and sustain office culture and morale and set the strategic vision for our positioning in the marketplace. Our “people first” approach–championed by our Managing Director, Dan Beder–enabled me to maintain an open and collaborative environment in which multidisciplinary teams worked together enthusiastically and invented absolutely incredible stuff–from that sprung our positioning in the marketplace as the only agency that does technically innovative digital right.


Retained, retrained, and grew our talent at all levels in new directions to create a truly powerful offering that is unique in the advertising agency space: we could build anything, and tell stories about it to the right audience(s)–soup to nuts modern digital advertising

Stabilized a department that had gone rudderless for over twelve months by providing leadership, vision, and transparency
Played a lead role in completely restructuring a tech fulfillment company into a working creative agency

Played a key role in doubling the size of the agency in under three years

Invented, documented, and installed a comprehensive, modular, collaborative, and multidisciplinary creative process. Worked to help other department heads do the same for Production, Account, and Technology services, and created overarching structures that bring all the services together into a unified language and methodology

Developed training and education programs for my staff, and initiated cross-department peer-to-peer presentations designed to foster collaboration and understanding between disparate skill sets
Retained and reorganized the talent from Molecular, recruited and retained talent from other agencies; grew my department by over 50 bodies in under three years

Worked closely with our President and Chief Strategy Officer to develop Isobar Create, a series of hackathons held every two-to-three months, which are open to the public and help to find new and brilliant talent and ideas
Worked with other members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on the evolution of relationships from one-off projects to Agency of Record (AoR) relationships with some of the largest brands in our North American portfolio (Motorola, Adidas, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Disney, et al.)

Oversaw a department that won over a dozen awards in 2012, and was short-listed for a Cannes Cyber Lion


Creative Director, Studiocom Boston
Boston, MA

Responsible for the day-to-day of an AOR account with Dunkin’ Donuts as their Interactive Agency, including studio management, strategy, and client management. Additionally accountable for the local creative department as well as a network of designers, information architects, and programmers who sit in Atlanta and Bogota. Responsible for pitch work and other project-based clients, such as NHL, MapQuest, and AOL.
Accomplishments: After becoming CD for Dunkin’ Donuts in 2008, won 2009 Interactive Marketing of the Year for Dunkin’ Donuts. My department has also won 12 Hatch and MITX awards over the last three years, primarily for Dunkin’ Donuts but also for work with UNICEF and Baskin-Robbins.

Creative Director/Lead Developer, MOG Sales, LLC
Boston, MA / Cleveland, OH

Accomplishments: Designed complex web applications requiring in depth knowledge of MOGS’ operating procedures and information technology capability as well as GUI design and information architecture. Assisted and supervised other software programmers and engineers. Planned, designed, modified, developed and implemented software-programming applications for a variety of uses, both for internal use and the end user. Developed software requirements and specifications. Worked with writers and the editorial group to design and develop software for specific employee applications and to meet specific needs of the staff.
Advanced the overall quality of the organization’s strategic thinking and design-applied technology. Provided creative direction to meet the business objectives of the company. Developed high-level concepts for design projects and maintained the creative process through the product development cycle, including hands-on scripting (JSP, PHP, and AS, mostly) and design (graphic and video) when required. Applied extensive know-how in the field of user interface design; design experience with film, print and other media was also applied.

Creative Director/Lead Developer, Fireghost
Boston, MA

Accomplishments: Designed dynamic, interactive and personalized Web sites; helped to integrate, showcase and maintain complementary technologies as they emerged. Created internal and external internet applications for many different types of clients and brands. Created prototypes using scripting languages to implement screen designs and database queries. Oversaw administrative tasks within Fireghost and shared management responsibility for contractors with my partner; created the original Fireghost branding scheme in league with my colleagues and helped generate new business for the first two years of business. Maintained client relations, serving as a project manager in some instances; interfaced between clients and the design team, conducted branding workshops and helped clients conceive of new approaches to solving application-level problems.

Creative Consultant, Bose Corporation
Framingham, MA

Accomplishments: Provided media development services for projects, products, and applications across the enterprise. This included designing, building, and implementing new multimedia pages, graphics, and prototypes; proposing integrated solutions with back end applications and company Web sites/intranet; and used a variety of skills to help the Web 2.0 Team design the requirements document, style guide, technology recommendations, and other schemas that described the Bose website, v2.0.

Assoc. Creative Director, Mainspring Consulting
Cambridge, MA

Accomplishments: Created materials to assist in the illustration of “eConsulting” plans and business rules; this involved participating and managing the creation of design-applied technology documents including style guides, database schema, white papers, landscape analysis and other associated materials. Worked closely with the business team to create a complete solution for our clients; tied the creative team’s efforts to the larger business proposals and gave our clients a hands-on presentation of otherwise-abstract concepts.

Art Director, Horizon Marketing Group
Tampa, FL

Accomplishments: Helped to establish the interactive marketing group within the organization and was the first employee to specialize in Web development and digital media design and creation. Was promoted from designer to Creative Director within my first year with the company; lead a small creative team in brainstorming, qualifying, and creating innovative solutions to brick-and-mortar companies taking their first steps onto the Internet. Worked heavily in Flash and got involved with Macromedia as a tester for Flash 4 and Fontographer; championed the cause of online media design company-wide and created Horizon: Interactive Design (a small subdivision of HMG) in 1999, prior to my departure.

Asst. Music Editor, Florida Flambeau
Tallahassee, FL
Accomplishments: Covered local music events for Florida’s oldest independent newspaper (now defunct, RIP). Managed a staff of ten writers and contributors. Handled layout duties (old-school, picas and inches).

Owner,  Triangle Webdesigns
Tallahassee, FL

Accomplishments: Founded one of the first webdesign companies in northern Florida. Produced websites for local businesses such as Champion Chevrolet, putting their entire inventory online well before sites such as came along. Worked on national brands like Geffen Records and several of their bands, Luna, Nirvana, et al.

Skills and Proficiencies

Languages and software used every day and in which I often dream include: Other programs and languages which I have used in my professional life and have learned within the last ten years include: Additional software with which I am proficient and that I use from time to time in my job environment:
After Effects
3DStudio Max
Aurora Engine
Electron Engine
Flash Remoting

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