Unfortunately for marketers, the engineers building A.I. frameworks don’t have the foggiest idea of how to make people enjoy spending time with their creations. (They’re relying on brands and content creators to figure that out for them, as they always have done.) Likewise, the creative agencies of today are as clueless about how to pivot to A.I. as they were about how to “do digital” back in 1995.

Thankfully, we exist.

BORN, the world’s first A.I. agency, was co-founded in late 2016 by three veterans of the advertising, creative tech, and media worlds: Stella Voutsina, Michael Nicholas, and myself.

In short, we create intelligent agents for brands, that live in the worlds largest networks.

The big-picture concept is, as most great blue sky concepts are, very simple: to get ahead of the A.I. wave by building a boat that would ride full-sail with the winds of change, rather than be capsized or left behind. I wanted to build an agency from the ground up that would be designed to take full advantage of A.I. not only as a tool that could bring massive differentiation on behalf of our clients, but as a tool that we, as creators and makers, would use to improve the way an agency operates as well.

Indeed, we believe that getting from Digital to Intelligent will require a “centaur’s approach” to creativity in general, and brand experience in particular.

Rather than half-horse, half-human, a centaur marketer is one who plays the game by marrying human intuition, creativity and empathy with a computer’s brute-force ability to remember and calculate a staggering number of moves, countermoves and outcomes.

By combining deep media knowledge of message platforms, the technical understanding of artificial intelligence and MDC Partner’s unmatched heritage in the art of creativity, we enable the worlds best brands to learn about, service and sell to individual consumers, one-to-one, at millions scale, in real time to move business forward like never before.