MotoACTV Ads | 2012

MotoACTV Ads | 2012

Our work with MotoACTV began as a complex build project in which we helped Motorola conceive and create the back-end system that records and makes sense of the vast amounts of data captured by the wearable device, as well as the front-end GUI that allows MotoACTV users to access that information, track their performance, and refine their preferences and routes. For more on that portion of the work, please see the original entry on MotoACTV: Portal.

This entry focuses on the activation work we won away from DraftFCB.

When we first saw the marketing effort that had been prepared to launch the MotoACTV product, we were baffled. It was a blend of celebrity musician faces, combined with stock imagery of athletes, with the tagline “The Ultimate Fusion of Music and Fitness.” This message might speak to a casual fitness audience, but we felt that this was exactly the wrong group to be speaking to, based on our detailed understanding of the product itself (we built the damn thing, after all), and our consumer insights-driven marketing philosophy. Even if casual fitness enthusiasts had been the right audience, the message itself was speaking to the least interesting of the features included in the very steep price tag (nearly $500 to start) and would be lost in a noise-filled channel of portable music devices–more importantly, it offered no real value. iPods and iPhones already exist, and they can run fitness apps that are free and which track things reasonably well. Well enough for casual runners or cyclists, anyhow, who would happily use cheap apps like MapMyRide over a pricey high-end device.

So, we brought Motorola a new vision for their activation. One that was backed with research and consumer insights illustrating our theory that the MotoACTV would only gain traction with people who were willing to believe in the value proposition inherent in the features and pricing. Our new target audience, hardcore fitness enthusiasts (marathoners, triathletes, et al.), likely already own a high-end Garmin or Polar watch/device, would read specialized publications dedicated to running or cycling or swimming, and would be far more interested in the performance-enhancing features of the MotoACTV than they were with the simple fact that, yes, it can play music, just like your iPod already does. Indeed, we found that most people in that segment are already using an iPod or iPhone, in combination with a GPS-enabled watch and heart-band, along with many niche fitness garments (K-Tape, knee braces, etc).

So, instead of “the Ultimate Fusion of Music and Fitness,” we proposed a radically different approach: “Reinvent.” We used “Reinvent your Run” and “Reinvent your Ride” as our test executions, to illustrate how we could use this line to specifically target different types of athletes, in different media channels. Our approach focused on the benefits of using the various features, calling out specific benefits and specific features, for different audiences. For example, cyclists will not be as interested in the PeakTraks technology (see the MotoACTV Portal entry for more on this), because cyclists aren’t listening to music while riding their bikes, but they might be very interested in the SmartRoute technology that builds routes for you based on your training goals and your past performance (i.e. plotting a large hill at just the right moment in your route to help push your cardio into a specific zone for a specific amount of time).

By identifying the real target audience (the group most open to the MotoACTV story), and what moves the individual segments within that audience, we were able to bring Motorola a smarter ad strategy that kept relevancy at the forefront. After pulling DraftFCB’s creative and running ours across OLA and print buys, their sales went up by a factor of 6, compared to very poor initial launch sales during the 2011 holiday season.

Below are several examples of the OLA, print, and broadcast campaigns that we pitched and later created (with the exception of broadcast, which was already killed by the Google acquisition, which occurred as the product launched).

A second print ad (companion to the ad shown above) that focuses on the post-workout analysis and planning experience via the MotoACTV Portal.

A treatment for an unproduced broadcast spot called Find Your Rhythm, part of a series of proposed TVC that aligned with our larger targeting and messaging strategy. In this spot, we focus on the PeakTrak technology that uses your music library to build playlists tailored to your performance during certain songs, and training goals.

OLA focused on the features of the device as they relate to a cyclist.

OLA focused on the features of the MotoACTV as they pertain to golfers.

OLA leveraging Motorola’s relationships with professional athletes who endorse and use the MotoACTV to improve their performance.

Takeover of

Takeover of, featuring elite trainer Chris Carmichael.