Fall Flavors | 2009

Fall Flavors | 2009

We do so many banners for Dunkin … 2 or 3 per window, at a minimum, times twelve windows, plus all the banners for marketing and incremental projects. Put that somewhere around 50 banners a year. For every banner that makes it, we generally invent three or four concepts in the early rounds of creative review.

Most of those buys are for 40k Flash banners. Fall Flavors is a good example of a time when we came in with Rich Media ideas and took more of the incremental pie once they were sold in. There’s always coin in someone’s pot for good advertising, as it turns out. I include it here, then, to show upsell technique, but also because I thought the work itself was very beautiful. Banners aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when given attention, they can be beautiful little piece of broadcast in their own right.

The image above shows the Pumpkin Carver, which is the RM banner that we sold in unsolicited. You can check out the animated/working version of this banner here. This is the other reason I am including this project here: it is one of our all time best-performing banners, with a click-through of something like 15%, and a “play” rate of 35%. Astounding numbers. Thanks to the tremendous performance of this piece, Dunkin’ has since increased its Rich Media buys throughout the year and we now regularly pitch takeovers, roadblocks, sidekicks, handshakes, etc.

The images below are storyboards for for 40k banners, only one of which was produced. You can see the animated version of the winner, Pumpkin Vine, here. Not as sexy, maybe, but this is the stuff that pays the bills. Of all the things one must do at an interactive AOR, remaining fresh and creative when creating 150 storyboards for banners every year has got to be at the top of the list of Tough Things To Do; when handled correctly, though, banner work is a terrific crucible for honing ones brainstorming abilities and making the bones of junior copywriters.

A lone banner for Apple Muffins, which was eventually killed due to product focus shifts.

A beautiful piece done by Raquel Jacome, one of my favorite designers. It is very representative of the work we were doing in 2009. Lots of people, lots of illustration.

Not my favorite copy lines, but the illustrations are lovely.

The winner, Pumpkin Vine. Love the

Below are some captures of how the Rich Media piece went on to live as an app on Facebook, as and how we carried it through to Twitter as well.

This is how the Pumpkin Carver lived on Facebook as an app - naturally, you could tweet your carvings, post them to your Wall, etc.

Twitter skins are part of any good integrated campaign.