Fan of the Week | 2009

Fan of the Week | 2009

DD’s Facebook Fan of the Week began after we ran the Keep It Coolatta campaign earlier that same year. You can read more about that contest here. The takeaway is: after people began posting to the wall showing themselves with Coolattas, we couldn’t get them to stop. The pictures kept pouring in, and we couldn’t help but notice that they were mutating the original contest and showing themselves with whatever products they liked.

We immediately suggested that they capitalize on this behavior by continuing to recognize the best of the pics with real estate on their profile page, and the client loved it. They started the very next week. That was 89 weeks ago at the time of this writing, and it’s still going strong. Since its inception, their audience has grown by 2.5 million. I’m not saying that FotW deserves all the credit, of course, but it remains an extremely popular activity and on any given day, at any given time, you will find dozens of new photos posted to the Wall for our consideration.

In fact, I just went to Facebook and grabbed the last day or two’s worth of shots. Look at this crop and show me another brand wall with this kind of UGC love:

It's crazy to me that people post our own stuff back to the wall - fourth row down, fourth column from the left: that's a CDND downloadable desktop background.

The top three most popular subjects for Wall photos: dogs, cats and babies, all drinking coffee (or pretending to, let's hope).

You can check them all out on this semi-secret endless-scrolling smart-loading photo wall.