Keep It Coolatta | 2009

Keep It Coolatta | 2009

This is one of the watershed moments for the Dunkin’ Donuts brand, and for Studiocom as an agency. My team took the opportunity presented by one simple marketing brief for a relatively obscure DD beverage line and:

A) invented a mechanism for Facebook marketing that involved no application for a user to “allow”;
B) began a trend that led Dunkin’ to acquire over 2.5 million fans in under twelve months;
C) forced Facebook to change their policies so that no one could repeat our stunt.

Not bad for only $50k of client investment.

The Facebook Wall the day that we launched the contest, featured in the Profile Picture area is a seeded image.

The origins of Dunkin' Donuts Fan of the Week, revealed!

  • Credits: CD: Max Fresen; Art Director: Raquel Jacome; Copywriter: Kelly Burk