CDND | 2009 | 2010

CDND | 2009 | 2010

The first Create Dunkin’s Next Donut (CDND) was a mega-success, exceeding all of our wildest expectations. We had hundreds of thousands of participants and millions of entries and what was intended to be a one-off promotion to promote donut sales became ground zero for Dunkin’s 60th Anniversary celebration the following year.

Now a staple of the Dunkin’ Donuts marketing calendar, 2010’s edition of the CDND Contest seeing even better results than the year before. Thanks to increased awareness generated by 2009’s championship-round social campaigning by contestants, CDND 2010 saw Facebook publications and Tweets right out of the gate, with the buzz only growing larger as the finalists were announced.

I worked primarily on the homepage and tool interface for Donut creation, as well as the social strategy and outreach. Below is a screen capture showing the build process in which you can see the tools and ingredients available to you as a guest baker.

Topping selection, the final and most delicious step.

Second Annual

In arriving at the next iteration, for 2010’s contest, we were tasked with finding ways to improve the experience without rebuilding anything significant, allowing us to concentrate the dollars on media and in creating more and better ways for users to share on Twitter and Facebook.

Below are a few screens of the first round of comps that we reviewed. As you can see, we endeavored to show our clients the broad range of possibilities that would be possible without recreating the rather large inventory of ingredients and toppings necessary to make our CDND engine work.

A few options for the 2010 version of CDND.

In the end, we settled on a homepage which was relatively similar to the 2009 contest. Although we would have loved to have built out a Planet Dunkin’ experience that would run in kiosks at malls (and dispense coupons), the asked and answered is always important, and usually the likely outcome. Alongside the more radical departures from 2009’s design, shown above, we presented a solution which was what they had the budget for before showing them the other tantalizing concepts … it’s the big ideas that the client remembers when they’re securing funding for the next window.

60th Anniversary edition of CDND.