@DunkinDonuts | 2009

@DunkinDonuts | 2009

The @DunkinDonuts Twitter account was seldom used prior to 2009, but as Studiocom got better at AOR, so too did our ability to manage the client’s behavior. Thus, as we pushed on them to do more in the social sphere and educated the client about the uses of Twitter as a CRM tool (a la @ComcastCares, et al), Dunkin’ responded by getting serious about tweeting.

To the left, you can see the Twitter page as it existed in November of 2008, just as we were in the midst of DunkinBeatStarbucks.com. That site, and the promotions surrounding it, helped to spark huge Twitter conversations, and thrust Dunkin’ squarely into the social media scrum.

As you can see, at this point in time, DD wasn’t sure what Twitter was good for … they went so far as to put a graphic on the left side that out-and-out says “Twitter isn’t CRM, you should still contact us at DDCares,” blah blah. Within months, this had been rectified, as we convinced the client to give someone the full-time job of managing the Twitter-sphere and the platform became a major component of their CRM, as well as a component of many successful promotions (see Twinter Games 2010 for a good example).

In the two years that followed, we grew Dunkin’s Twitter profile by nearly 60,000 followers and increased their Klout score from the low teens to today’s impressive score of 61 (as of 2010, when this post was originally written).*

Below are some screen grabs of various Twitter skins that we designed over the years which have helped to support various promotions or messages going on for a variety of windows. Since Twitter is often consumed off twitter.com itself, these skins are somewhat limited in their value, but I believe that they remain an important part of any integrated campaign for any AOR contract with any client.

* Today, Dunkin’ Donuts enjoys a Klout rating of 86.