Dunkin’ Deal | 2008

Dunkin’ Deal | 2008

The first iteration of Dunkin’ Deal banners that we did, this was a very early attempt to acquire new Perks members as well as to train the audience to associate “Dunkin’ Deal” with both Perks and saving money.

There’s nothing particularly spectacular about these storyboards, but I’ve always thought they were cute. The animated versions of the banners that made it through all the various rounds of approval are linked after the cut.

What is interesting about these banners is the concept of the Dunkin’ Deal, and the way in which my team leveraged this concept and opportunity into a platform-based advertising mechanism for our client a few months later. Check out that work here.

Another in the "For The Rest of Us" series.

This concept shows an alternate punchline, "Get Real."

  • Credits: CD: Catalina Hernandez; ACD: Max Fresen; Art Director: Max Fresen; Copywriter: Jane Goldman; Animation: Juan Pablo Alvarado