Bases Loaded | 2008

Bases Loaded | 2008

The Bases Loaded Sweeps was a game powered by ePrize and 2k sports in which users would come to this site, enter a code (printed on Iced Coffee cups), and watch a segment of the 2k8 MLB game play out in which Joba or Pap pitched and the AB was either resolved as a hit, or a strike out. There was no player interaction, they were watching a video that would tell them if they’d won or not (a hit, or better yet, a HR, was a “win”). It may as well been a scratch-off game, but we felt this experience was slightly more engaging. After the play through, we would show the user a staged news conference in which Joba or Pap answered questions regarding that night’s game; the press conferences were upbeat if they’d won (and the user had lost) and a little more tense when the user had won, and the pitcher had been taken yard.

However, the game notwithstanding, we also wanted to find a way to make the site sticky. The game was fun, but we didn’t feel it wasn’t going to keep people playing day after day for the month or so that it was up. Our solution is pictured above: the Clubhouse. For every play of the game, the user would earn points, and those points could be used to unlock items in the Clubhouse such as Dunkin’ Donuts mouse cursors, virtual bobbleheads of Pap and Joba that you install on your desktop, wallpapers, video baseball cards, and so on. Above, you see a screen of a user mousing-over one of the clubhouse items and seeing a radial menu that shows the option to unlock the item with their points.

This tactic proved very successful; we had tens of thousands of downloads of the most expensive items, and many more of the lower-level downloadables.

Below are few shots of the game experience.

Pap and Joba give a video introduction to Bases Loaded Sweepstakes.

The code entry screen, with prizes shown along the bottom.

The pitcher selection screen.

Joba Chamberlain, before that injury in Arlington back in \’08. He\’s just never been the same.

If you’re wondering about the picture that was used as the thumbnail for this project, the larger shot is below. This was taken by me on a Nikon D70 while we were between takes down in Florida at Yankees/Red Sox Spring Training. It wound up being used as a desktop background that could be unlocked in the Clubhouse.

Papelbon, looking quite the closer.


  • Credits: ACD: Max Fresen