DD Perks | 2008

DD Perks | 2008

Perks is the Dunkin’ Donuts loyalty program, which we have taken from a simple email (pictured below) to an ecosystem that makes up roughly 1/3 of the services and pages in the new DD.com. It is through Perks that one can manage their DD Card, for example, and as the new site is evolved, Perks will become the mechanism by which Dunkin’ Donuts serves up highly personalized marketing on an individual basis. For the time being, it serves as a somewhat personalized message channel, relying on DMA and day-part to achieve moderate relevancy.

In January of 2009, there were 969,672 Perks members. Two years later, we have grown that number to 1,843,282.

This is the prototype for the very first Perks email that went out to the public, on Jan 02, 2008.

The Perks Ecosystem as of June 30, 2009.

An actual HTML email rendered in ExactTarget, Perks 2.5