OGX | 2006

OGX | 2006

Ah, OGX. What a weird and wonderful project you were.

In 2006, I was transitioning from a life of playing shows with The Information and freelancing into one where a steady paycheck and health benefits seemed like a great idea. OGX was the bridge I took to get there, and although it ultimately never reached its true potential, it was a very entertaining and rewarding experience.

OGX was a gaming news and content website build on the ashes of a site called GamerGod. Strictly speaking, they were two different companies, but for the sake of simplicity I am lumping them together in this blog entry. For all intents and purposes, they were one entity, owned by a company (in)famous for brokering in-game gold for real-world cash across a ton of titles (read: World of Warcraft, and others), who shall remain nameless for various reasons.

My job at GamerGod was to create a CMS, a publication and asset management tool (to allow for collaboration on documents and an automated publishing method), and a front-end, from scratch. The site itself was to resemble something like IGN.com or TenTonHammer.com looks today. Unfortunately, the site really never went live, but the work was completed. For various reasons, there is very little surviving artwork available to me today (though you can see a GamerGod screengrab, pre-OGX rebranding, about halfway down, on the left if you check out this Missing Work stub).

The whole thing was done, soup to nuts, in just under seven months, with myself leading a team of five developers, two artists, two editors, and five content creators. None of whom sat in a room together, nor have ever met in person. Everything was done via Ventrillo, in typical MMO-gamer style. The project was coded almost entirely in PHP and MySQL, with a little JS and CSS used when necessary, though the original CMS prototype was actually rapidly assembled in Ruby on Rails as an exercise so that the editorial staff could provide input.

Incidentally, the logo featured up above is my design as well. I created it in 2006, as we were rebranding GamerGod into OGX.

  • Credits: CD, Lead Developer: Max Fresen